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Families of Harvey Lewis & Dennis Alton Roberson
by Rick Roberson

Records from Deed Books, Will Books, Court Records, Historical Documents, and Other Sources

Includes records of Direct Ancestors,
or records of those whose links to direct ancestors is certain or highly probable

Knowing the timeline on when NC counties were formed is important in understanding where key documents are located.   For example, Martin County was not formed until 1774, so all records before that time (for what was to become Martin County) resided in other county Court Houses.  Bertie County and Tyrrell County records contain a significant amount of information on the Roberson Family before 1774.   The earliest records are located in the earliest county records such as Chowan, counties which at that time covered very broad areas , or where held at the State level, for ex., Minutes from early NC General or Higher Courts.

In the following pages, records are listed by year, with event or transaction information provided, the specific date as best known, and then the source of the entry.  Much of the info is now recorded in very abstracted, summary form from the original documents.  As much information as is available in the sources referenced is included here.

No attempt has been made by the author to correct or update spellings of names from the original sources or abstracts to represent as accurately as possible the spellings in the original documents. 
Roberson Family – Chronology of Recorded Events

Wm. Robison and Lurana is wife personally came into Court andacknowledged the assignment of a patent containing four hundred fortyfive acres of land lying in Pascotank precinct to Robt. Keell.General Court,  Mar 1713.  Colonial Records of NC, Higher Crt. Minutes.

Danl. Richardson, Esqr. her Majestyes Atty General comes to Prosecute a bill of inditment against Henry come twelve......and there came (videlicet) Mr. Edwd. Smithwick, Wm. Robison, Henry Swann, Robt. Keel.....returned there virditte not guilty whereupon the prisoner was dismist without day paying costs....
General Court, Oct  1713.  Colonial Records of NC, Higher Crt. Minutes.

William Robinson, late of Nansimond County, is sued by Francis Pughof Nansimond County in Virginia for non-payment of "the sum of 16 barrells of Tarr and 9 pence".  William did not appear in Court. Higher Court Minutes, General Court, July 1722.
Two additional entries thru Mar 1723 where William failed to appear inCourt on same issue.    Marshall ordered to recover the amount owedplus "Costs damage and charges accruing"..."with 4 shillings & 2 pencefee as by Law allowed"....

William Robinson - Grantee, Edmond Smithwick - Grantor  April 25, 1729.  100 acres ....for love and affection....unto William Robinson and wife Mary during their lives....then to William Godson...That plantation where the Robinson's now live on SS Morrattuck River and Devil's Gut Swamp.
Bertie Co. Abstracts of Deed Books B&C and
Bertie Co. Courthouse Records 1720-1800 Grantee Deeds of Land.

Higginson King & Dorathy Robinson.   John Doran owed King money, & Dorathy went to Court to testify for King.  She testified about hearing terms of the agreement being discussed by the two men & about not believing payment had been made.
Bertie Co. Court Minutes about Feb 1733, #100.

Henry Robinson of Bertie County, to Thomas Knox,
of Chowan.  100 acres on Plumtree Branch Feb 12, 1734/5North Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register Vol. 1.

Henry Robinson, Bartie pct. To Thomas Knox, Chowan pct.
60 Pds.   100 A in Chowan pct. Whereon sd Henry Robinson lately lived & was lately purchased by sd Henry Robinson of one Richr. Sumner as by deed upon Public Record of Nancymond Co VA….by Turf Twig…Wit: Moses Hall, John Collins, Moses Odum. Pvd. 31 Mar 1735. W. Smith C. Just.
Chowan County Deed Book W-1, 1729-1738

A deed of Sale from Wm. Wilson to Duke Robinson.Provd. Jurat Jno. Swenny.       Courthouse on Timber Branch, on 14 May 1734.
Bertie Co. Courthouse Records 1720 - 1785, #115-58

William Wilson of Cashia to Duke Robinson.13 Apr 1734. 
"some mony" for 50 acres on ss Cashy Swamp.   May Court 1734.
Colonial Bertie Co. by Mary Best Bell

William Robinson and several others ordered by theCourt to Survey and lay out a road – “from the Pamlico Road near the Beaver Dam to Smithwick’s Creek”. ….  “Doe survey and lay out ye said road to the best advantage of the said road and less hurt to the inhabitants as the law directs…this court is adjourned for an hour”
Also ordered that all inhabitants west of Welches Creek to east of Smithwick creek “do labour upon ye said road".  June 1735.
Tyrrell Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1735-1754,Book 1

Court Case: Edwd. Collings vs. Wm. Robinson for a Debt.Case was discontinued by the Plantiff. Dec 1739.Tyrrell Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1735-1754,Book 1

"Henry Robinson records for his mark a Crop in the Right Ear &a half moon over it & a Swallow fork in the Left Ear."12 Dec 1739
Tyrrell Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1735-1754, Book 1

Henry Robison of Tyrrell Co. listed on 1742 listing of NC Taxpayers.No other Robisons (or Robersons, etc.) listed in 1742.....NC Taxpayers 1701 - 1786 Vol 1, by Ratliff.

Henry Robison: Received Warrant for Land Videlicet. 400 acres in Tyrrell Co. 6 May 1742.    The Colonial Records of NC - Records of the Executive Council from

Henry Robison: Received Patent for Land Videlicet.
400 acres in Tyrrell Co.    25 Mar 1743   The Colonial Records of NC - Records of the Executive Council from 1735-1754.

Henry Robinson: "400 acres in Tyrrell County on the E. side of Smithwicks creek - being the Plantation he now lives on, joining the creek, Martin Griffin, and Keepers Branch."
Patent Book 5.  Gabriel Johnston, Governor.
Colony of NC 1735 - 1764 by Margaret Hoffmann.

Higgeson King to Henry Robason Jr., cooper.  4 Sept 1744112 Pounds, 17 Shillings.  75 acres (messuage) in the fork ofSmithwick's Creek, joining James Swain.
Deeds of Tyrrell Co.  1735-1760 #192.

Henry Robinson Sr. to sons Daniel & John Robinson.  Deed of Gift 300 acres (messuage) joining Harpers (?) Branch, & Smithwicks Creek. Witness John Hardison & Benjamin Corey on 28 Feb 1746. Registered 27 May 1747 by James Conner. Deeds of Tyrrell Co. 1735-1760 #256.
“I Henry Robbison Senr of Tyrrel County, Cooper, send greeting for and in consideration of good will and affection which I have and do bear to to my beloved sons Daniel Robinson & John Robinson, planter......”  Transcription from copy of original by Richard Roberson, July 2004.

Henry Robinson planter of Tyrrell Co. to Charles Hardison. 
20 Pounds, 100 acres (messuage) on east side of Smithwick's Creek, joining William Gardner.  18 Dec 1746.
witness: John & Joshua Hardison, Benjamin CoryDeeds of Tyrrell Co. 1735-1760 #255.

William Roberson Jr. of Bertie Co. to Edmund Smithwick.50 Pounds, for 100 acres which sd Roberson had acquired fromWilliam Robertson Sr. & which had "been made to us" as a deedof gift from the sd Smithwick, called Roberson's Land.Registered 1747/8.  Tyrrell Co. #365

John Wollard Land Purchase. 24 May 1749.  442 acres, SmithwickCreek, joining Henry Roberson, Jr. , Robert Daniels.
Tyrrell Co. Deeds #381

1750Samuel Garner Land Purchase. 19 Aug 1750.  on East side of Smithwick's Creek, joining Marmaduke Roberson, Henry Roberson Sr. 
Tyrrell Co. Deeds #417

"Dom Rex a. John Robenson: Sums. to shew cause why he did notappr. on the petit jury.  Excusd., Paying fees pd."  Sept 1751Tyrrell Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1735-1754,Book 1

Charles Manning of Tyrrell Co. to Henry Robertson of same.300 acres (messuage), which had been a Granville Grant toto sd Charles Manning, on south side of Smithwick's Creek,5 pounds proclamation.  13 May 1752.  Tyrrell Co. Deeds #482

"A deed of sale of land from Charles Manning to Henry Robinson was proved in open Court by the Oath of John Hardeson Esqr.Tyrrell Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1735-1754,Book 1

Grand Jury session called & attended by Marmeduke Robinson,Daniel Robinson, and 13 others.  5 June 1753.
Edmd. Smithwick, Wm. Mackey Esqrs. are Justices with 2 others.Tyrrell Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1735-1754,Book 1

Court Case: Idem vs. Danl. Robenson. June 1753Sheriffs Returns: Executed & agreed, Order of Court:Dismissed.Tyrrell Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1735-1754,Book 1

Marmaduke Roberson of Tyrrell to Lazarus Sumerell.
22 Oct 1753.  10 Pounds for 50 acres on ws Cashie Swamp, beingpart of a patent formerly granted to William Wilson, adj. landLazarus Summerell bought of William Wilson.
Colonial Bertie Co. by Mary Best Bell (?)

Court Case: Wm. Mackey vs. Danl. Robinson. Dec 1753 Sheriffs Returns: Executed, Order of Ct:attact. agt. the Deft.Tyrrell Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1735-1754,Book 1

Petit Jury session called & attended by John Robinson,Daniel Robinson, and 11 others.  5 thru 7 March 1754.Edmd. Smithwick, is Justice with 3 others.
Tyrrell Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1735-1754,Book 1

Court Case: Wm. Mackey vs. Daniel Robinson.  "Bail Bondreturned. the Deft. appeared and Confessed Judgt.3:10:7 Virginia money with Stay of Execution till the firstday of April".  5 Mar 1754.
Tyrrell Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1735-1754,Book 1

Charles Manning planter of Tyrrell Co. to William Osborn of same. 3 Apr 1754.  300 acres (messuage) on north side of Smithwick Creek,joining Ready Ground, Henry Robinson, James Legett.
The Deeds of Tyrrell Co. 1735-1760 by Dr. S.E. Bradley, Jr.

John Robinson is Appointed overseer in the Room of Wm. Ward.June 1754. Tyrrell Co. Ct. of Pleas & Qtr Sess. 1735-1754,Bk 1

William Robanson
Henery Robanson
Daniel Robenson
John Robanson
Marmaduke Robanson
Eastern NC Genealogical Society Vol 1-4

Cooper Land Purchase. 6 Mar 1754.
300 acres joining Bentley's Swamp, etc. witness: John Robinson & others

John Long appointed overseer of the Road in the Room andDistrict of John Robinson.
Dec 1755 John Long assoc. w/ Smithwick Creek.Mar 1756 John Long appointed Constable of Smithwick Creek.Tyrrell Co. Minutes of Pleas & Qtr sessions 1755-1761.

Mizell Land Purchase. 150 acres south side of Devil's Creek28 Aug 1755. Witness: Daniel (x) Roberson, John HardisonDeeds of Tyrrell Co. 1735-1760

The following listed on 1755 listing of NC Taxpayers:Daniel Roberson
Henry Roberson
Henry Roberson, Sr.
John Roberson
Marmaduke Roberson
Mary Roberson
NC Taxpayers 1701 - 1786 Vol 1, by Ratliff.

Joseph Daniel of Edgecombe Co. to Robert Daniel. For 10 pounds current money of Virginia, 100 acres in Tyrrell Co. in the fork of Smithwick Creek known by the name of Popular Neck,
being part of a tract of land that Robert Daniel was living on at  the time.  Witness: Samuel Burrance, Henry Roberson, & Hardy Daniel.Martin Co. History, Vol 1, by Manning and Booker.

Daniel Roberson mentioned in inventory attached to Will ofSamuel Durrance.   Tyrrell Co. Wills 1729-1811 Abstract

Daniel Roberson to Thomas Smith.  Smithwick's Creek.  150 acres, 20 Pounds proclamation.  Registered 25 May 1758.   Joining Cypress Branch, Flag Pond, Pocoson Branch,  Keepers Branch, Martin Griffin, Kuper.   Smithwick's Creek.
Witness: William Robinson, et. al.
Deeds of Tyrrell Co. 1735-1760 #612

S. Gardner to G. Godward Land Purchase. 25 Oct 1759.  30 Pounds.
160 acres (messuage) on east side of Smithwick's Creek, joining Mariner Dukes (s/b Marmaduke???) Roberson, Henry Robertson Sr., Samuel Gardner.  Deeds of Tyrrell Co.  1760-1770.

"A Deed of Sale of Land from John Wollord to Henry Robers__ (page torn) was duly proved by the oath of John Hardison Esqr., a subscribing  Witness and on Motion ordred to be registred."
Tyrrell County Court Minutes 1759 - 1761.

Edmund Smithwick to John Hardison Land Purchase.  1 Dec 1760.200 acres (messuage), joining Smithwick's Creek, Hose Pen Point,Beaver Dam Branch, Speller, Smithwick, the rising hills, Roberson,Hanson Branch.  Deeds of Tyrrell Co. 1760-1770.

Henry Robason Jr. executor of Will for Higason King.
John Robason one of the Witnesses.
Tyrrell Co. Wills 1729-1811 Abstract

Marmeduke Robason Will dated 2 Nov 1760.
Wife: Ann,  Son: Mark,   Dau: Ann, references 5 children. Wit: William Roberson, George Godward, Martha (x) Robason.Executor: John Bennet, wife Ann.    Apparently probated Sep Ct 1762.Tyrrell Co. Wills 1729-1811 Abstract

John Little.   200 acres, which had been a patent dated 22 Mar 1742/3, on east side of Smithwick's Creek, joining Dugan, Griffin, Roberson, Kepers Branch.  Reistered by Fr. Ward, Register.

Granville Grant to E. Smithwick. 6 Aug 1761.  460 acres in Parish ofSt. Andrews on west side of Smithwick's Creek, joining beaver dam,Speller, Ward, Stansell, Swain, beaver dam swamp, Roberson, Harrisons Branch.  Tyrrell Co. Deeds 1760-1770.

Edmund Smithwick of Tyrrell Co. to John Harrison of same.  2Aug 1762. 25 pounds proclamation. 200 acres, joining Smithwick’s creek, Bever Pon Branch, John Roberson, Honjiars (?) Branch
Tyrrell Co. Deeds 1760-1770.

Edmund Smithwick of Tyrrell Co. to Timothy Lily of same.  2 Sep 1762. 25 pounds proclamation. 300 acres (messuage), joining Bever Pond Branch, John Harrison, the Bevor Dam, Roberson, Stallings  Wit: Hardy Stallings, William Roberson. Sep Ct 1762.
Tyrrell Co. Deeds 1760-1770.

John Harrison planter of Tyrrel Co. to Hardy Stallings of same. 6 Sep 1762. 15 pounds proclamation. 100 acres ( messuage) on west side of Smithwick’s creek, joining Bevor Pond Branch, John Roberson, Redy Branch.
Tyrrell Co. Deeds 1760-1770.

Duke Robason.  Sale of Estate.  No buyers named. 16 Oct 1762Tyrrell Co. Estate Records 1734-1800 Abstract.
1763John Perry planter of Tyrrel Co. to Hardy Stallings of same. 14 Jun 1762. 5 Pounds proclamation. 213 acres (messuage) joining Swain, Smithwick, John Perry. Wit: John Robason, Mary (x) Robason. Jun Ct 1763. Fr. Ward, Clerk.  Tyrrell Co. Deeds 1760-1770.

Henry Robason cooper of Tyrrel Co. to John Robason planter of same. 13 Sep 1763. 10 pounds proclamation. 300 acres in the fork of Smithwicks Creek, joining Beaverdam branch, Middle Pocoson, Rooty Branch, James Swain, Robert Daniel, Henry Robason, Henry Robason Jr.,  & his sonJohn Robason.  wit: Robert Daniel, Martin Griffin, Henry Robason.

John Roberson of Tyrrel Co. to William Roberson of same.  19 Sep 1763. 25 pounds proclamation. 150 acres (messuage) on east side of SmithwickCreek, joining a Sypress Branch, Fllagon Branch, White Oake PocosonBranch, Marmaduke Roberson, John Roberson.  Wm. Griffin, Henry (x)Roberson.  Sep Ct. 1763.  Fr. Ward, Clerk.  Tyrrell Co. Deeds 1760-1770.

John Robason of Tyrrel Co. to Edmundson S. Smithwick.  7 Mar 1764.  20 pounds proclamation.  150 acres where Duke Robason lived & now in
care of Anne Robason (100 acres) as by deed from Hardison to Roberson,joining Smithwick Creek, George Godward, John (x) Robeson.   Fr. Ward, Clerk.  Mar Ct 1764.  Tyrrell Co. Deeds 1760-1770.

Thomas Roberson planter of Southhampton Co. VA to William Griffin of Tyrrell Co. 28 Sep 1765.  20 Pounds proclamation. 100 acres on east sideof Smithwick Creek, joining Wm. Gardner, Henry Roberson Sr.     wit:
Martin Griffin, Henry Roberson. Jun Ct. 1766.  Tyrrell Deeds 1760-1770.

Benjamin Wollard planter of Tyrrell Co. to Thomas Robeson of same.3 Aug 1766. 16 pds. proclamation. 50 acres (messuage) joining a branch of Smithwicks Creek called Davels Branch, Swain.  wit: Henry Roberson,Luke Robason.  Sep Ct 1766.  Fr. Ward, Clerk.  Tyrrell Deeds 1760-1770.

John Hardison to George Godward Land Purchase.    23 Feb 1769.200 acres (messuage), joining Smithwick's Creek, sd Godward, WilliamGriffin, William Roberson, the new road, the new main road, HenryRobertson's Mill, Henry Robertson.  witness: James RobasonTyrell Co. Deeds 1770 - 1783 by  Dr. S.E. Bradley, Jr.

William Faulk Sr. of Tyrrell Co. to Edmdson Samuel Smithwick of same.5 Apr 1769.  15 pds. proclamation.  220 acres on south side of RoanokeRiver, joining Joseph Wimberley. wit: Henry Roberson Sr., Anderson Etherage.  Aug Ct. 1769.
The Deeds of Tyrrell Co. 1760 - 1770, Dr. S.E. Bradley, Jr.

W. Duggan to James Robason.  10 Pounds, 100 acres along Edmund Smithwick's line...   25 Sept 1770.   Martin Co. Deed Book A  Abstract

John Hardison to Henry Roberson.  220 acres on White Oak Henry Roberson mill pond.  12 Oct 1774 Martin Co. Deed Book A Abstract

Henry Roberson, Jr.  listed in the DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Editionsee Part 3, pg. 2487.   Listed as a Private in the Continential Line NC.Includes following info: b. 8-12-1746, d. 4-18-1828.  Wife 1) Sallie Collins,and Wife 2)   Winifred C.

The following two entries are in Martin Co. land entries SS 957.4
Martin Co. transcript recd Oct 1, 1796, signed Wm Hill.   Entries of land in Martin Co. commencing in 1778, signed William Williams, ET.
Page 3, entry 553 (1).  Mar 11, 1778  Henry Robeson enters 300 ac on Heels Br; border, runs up said branch to the head, across to the mouth of
Burketts Pecoson, along the pecoson to the corner, runs a strait line to Elijah’s Price’s corner, & to the creek;  May 18 caveated by Jos Keclothe
Page 3, entry 554 (2). Mar 11, 1778.  Henry Robeson enter 50 ac in Martin Co.; between Thomas Watsot and James Bentley; this money paid back ; May 28, 1778 caveated by Thomas Watsot.
Abstracts of Bertie & Martin Co. Land Entries 1778 – 1795.

Henry Robertson enters 200 ac in Martin Co.; border; Keel’s corner on Briery Meadow, runs down his line to his corner, to the horsepen branch , down Horsepen Br. to Gallberry Cr, up Gallberry Cr to the head, to Jno Blanus’ new entry, along his line to his beginning, to said Robertson’s entry, & to the beginning.  Nov 10, 1778.
Abstracts of Bertie & Martin Co. Land Entries 1778 – 1795 pg. 33, entry 717 (165)

Henry Robertson enters 400 ac in Martin Co.; border, John Leggitt’s corner in the little pecoson, runs with Leggitt’s line to the county line, along the county line to Luke Robertson’s line, along his lin to Joseph Keel’s line, along his line to “the corner”, to Horsepen Br, to the mouth of Little Pecoson Br, & up the branch to the beginning; caveated by……(rest of entry not recorded by this author, rest of entry should be on next page of Abstract……)   Nov. 16, 1778.
Abstracts of Bertie & Martin Co. Land Entries 1778 – 1795 pg. 34, entry 722 (170)

Henry Robeson enters 350 ac in Martin Co.; border, his own corner, runs along his line to his other corner, with a line of marked trees to a line Elijah Price “left out” of his entry, to one on “his” corners, along “his” other line to “his” other corner, with his other line to his other corner (sic), to Luke Robason’s corner, &with his line to the beginning. Feb 9, 1779
Abstracts of Bertie & Martin Co. Land Entries 1778 – 1795 pg. 46, entry 793 (241)

William Rogers enters 150 ac in Martin Co; between Elijah Price, Luke Robeson, & Nathan Ross.  Feb 29, 1779.
Abstracts of Bertie & Martin Co. Land Entries 1778 – 1795, pg. 48, entry 802 (250)

William Ross enters 240 ac in Martin Co.: border, Luke Robertson’s upper corner on Tranter’s Cr and runs down the creek; includes the vacant land between said Robertson’s line and the land formerly belonging to Nathan Ross now sold to William Ross. May 28, 1780.  
Abstracts of Bertie & Martin Co. Land Entries 1778 – 1795 pg. 69 entry 921 (370) 
Roberson Family – Chronology of Recorded Events

Luke Roberson to Henry Robertson.  200 Pounds, 260 acres beginning a gum on flat swamp, then a line of various marked trees to first station. 
8 Mar 1781.    Martin Co. Deed Book A Abstract

"We, subscribers chosen & qualified to determine a land dispute between John Smithwick and John Roberson....given under our hands this day 25 May 1782."
11 Names listed.      Martin Co. Deed Book A Abstract.

Tyrrell Co. Marriage Bond. Henry Robason/Sarah Collins. 
25 Jun 1783

Henry Roberson enters 200 acres beginning his own corner, then toJohn Blan's corner, his line to Elijah Price's corner, then to Luke Roberson's.  J. Glasgow, Sec.,  Alex. Martin, Gov.  27 Oct 1784.524 (A-309).

Henry Roberson enters 200 acres beginning Keel's corner, then Keel'sline to Horse Pen Branch. J. Glascow, Sec., Alex. Martin, Gov.27 Oct 1784.    525 (A-309).

Henry Robason Will, dated 28 Jan 1785.  Martin Co. Will BookProbated - March Court 1794
See his transcripted will elsewhere in this book.

Robert Robarson to Joshua Robason.  50 Pounds, 300 acres inthe fork of Smithwick's Creek.   8 Feb 1786
witness: David Robarson, James RobarsonMartin Co. Deed Book A Abstract.

“Know ye that we have given and granted unto Henry Robason a tract of land...”
Henry Roberson enters 314 acres beginning John Leggett's corner, his line to the County line, Luke Roberson's corner, then to Keel's corner, to the Little Pocosin Branch, then to the beginning.  Martin, D/Sec., R. Caswell, Gov.  11 Aug 1786.   538 (A-313).Words in quotes are from a copy of original Grant (in the NC Archives) in possession of Richard Roberson.

Land Grant: Luke Roberson enters 75 acres in beginning David Legget's corner in Turkey Swamp, Leggett's line to Long Branch, then to Whitney's line and back to Main drain of Turkey Swamp, to the beginning.
J. Martin, D/Sec., R. Caswell, Gov.     11 Aug 1786.    539 (A-313).  Note same date as Henry’s grant above.

Edmunson John Smithwick to David Robason, son of Henry
50 Pounds, 50 acres beginning east side of Little Creek...witness: Benjamin Robason, etc.     28 Dec 1786Martin Co. Deed Book A Abstract.

Luke Robason and wife Mary and Henry Robason, joint owners,to Watkins Williams Wynns.  400 Pounds, 800 acres. 4 Nov 1786.Beginning east side Tranter's Creek, marked trees to Henry Robason'scorner, to John Bland's corner, then Elijah Price's corner to Francis Kennedy's line and various courses to first station.Martin Co. Deed Book A  Abstract.

Henry Robeson enters 150 ac in Martin Co; border, my own line, Obediah Bullock, & Jno Leggitt dec’d.   Mar 25, 1792
Abstracts of Bertie & Martin Co. Land Entries 1778 – 1795 pg. 104, entry 1087 (187)

William Robason Will dated 9 Jan 1798.
Sons: David, Amos, Thomas, William, Henry  Dau:Hannah, MilleyMartin Co. 1774-1860 Abstract of Wills

James Robason Will dated 28 Dec 1809.Wife:Cloe  Sons:Harmon, Noah, Henry, John  Dau:Cloe,Martha,  Anna, Mary Correy, & Millea Woollard
Martin Co. 1774-1860 Abstract of Wills
died 4 Oct 1811 per Haywood Robertson

Joshua Robason Will dated 25 Mar 1825.
Sons: Joseph, Joshua Dau: Nancy, Hannah, Mary, Charlotte, Patsy, SarahMartin Co. 1774-1860 Abstract of Wills

Henry Robason Will, dated 17 Dec 1827.  Martin Co. Will BookHe died 18 April 1828, and Will Probated June 1828.
See his transcripted will elsewhere in this book.

Any relationship to the author’s direct ancestors is
unknown or uncertain

Cotton Robinson - On a Listing of Rents paid on Land owned for 1675,1676, & 1677.  This listing represents one of the earliest NC records in existence.

"Jane Robison ye wife of Cotton Robison, proved nine rights.....court ofShaftsbury this first day of January 1679".   List includes her name & Cotton's.  This is an old Warrant recorded Apr 20, 1694.Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706, by  W.P. Haun.

Cotton Robison assigned to Robt. Warberton his rights in a warrant.Dec 21, 1681.   Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706.

Nicolas Robison on list of   "Tho. Lepper has proved ten whose names are upon record.....and are hereunder......"  Feb 7, 1693.Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706, by  W.P. Haun.

Jno. Robison, Yacko & Grace, 2 Negroes on list of  "Patrick Henley hasproved (torn) rights....upon record in Pascotank Records...."  Feb 8, 1693. Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706, by  W.P. Haun.

Jno. Robison, Elizab his wife,  Job Robison,  Eliz. Robison  on list of"Tho. Pollok has proved 12 rights whose names are upon record...."Mar 17, 1693.  Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706.

Tho. Robison on list of "John Jennings has proved th_(torn) rights......whose names are upon record..."  Date is not clear, but est. is Feb 1693.Also listed with Thos. are  "3 negroes, Betty, Dick, & Jack".Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706, by  W.P. Haun.

Albemarle Ss: For Jno. Jennings.....eleven hundred acres of land....Psons viz: Tho. Robison, Betty, dick, Jack, Negrs."  Mar 9, 1693.Land appears to be on NE side of Pascotanck River.
Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706, by  W.P. Haun.

Rich Robison on list of " Margery White has proved eleven  rights whosenames are upon record..."    Mar 15, 1693.Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706, by  W.P. Haun.

Cotton Robinson listed as a Justice at a Court meeting at the house of Capt. Henderson Walker.   "first Munday in Aprill", 1694.  Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706, by  W.P. Haun.

Cotton Robbison:  Robert Jones proved 4 rights....Roger Adams. "Theserights proved by me I doe acknowledge to belong to Cotten Robbinson."May 14, 1694.   Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706.

John Robison Senr., Eliz. his wife,.....John Robison jur.,Job Robison,Eliz Robison, on list of "Eliz. Boursby has proved 12 rights whosenames...."  Apr 20, 1694.
Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706, by  W.P. Haun.

Ffra. Robison on a listing for Rich. Bartenshall for 550 acres of land."Land lying on the west side of Meyock Creeke in Couratuck precinct".Nov 21, 1695.    Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706.

Cotton Robison rec'd 1,400 acres for 28 persons listed. Following
2 records reflect  surveys for 300 acres & 500 acres of the 1,400.
Both plots lie in Chowan precinct.  300 acres is "by the Poqueson of Matacomack Creeke", and 500 acres is along "Old Towne Creek".Land given Jan 10, 1696,  surveys recorded in Apr & May 1697. Albemarle County Land Warrants & Surveys, 1681-1706, by  W.P. Haun.

Cotton Robinson, Jno. Wheatley,, take the oath of a Grand JuryAtt a Generall Court holden at the house of Mrs. Eliz. Godfrey the 24th
Day of March Anno Domini 1697".     NC Higher Ct. Records, 1697.

Cotton Robinson and others to appraise the estate of John Butler, deceased, upon petition by John Wheatly, the greatest creditor of estate.  NC Higher Court Records, General Court, Oct. 1699.

Cotton Robinson is one of three members of  "A Comission of the Peace" for the Chowan Precinct.  Other members incl. Edward Smethwick andand Mr. (torn) Swaine.  Other comissions est. for Pequimn. & Pascotank.Records of the Executive Council, 1700.

Thoms. Roberson and his wife Mable file a complaint against HenryHeayman & wife Martha, and Geo. Griffin.   Warrant of Arrest issued." The said Heayman....did use many scandlos words and threttnedto burne me in the fire"
Ordered by Robert Daniell.   Records of the Exec. Council, Mar 15, 1704.

Writ Issued for a Jury of 12 men to determine if "Cotton Robinson, late ofChowan precinct" left a will, had heirs, or otherwise disposed of his property.  Similar entry for March 29th, which ordered a jury to determine if there was a will.   Records of the Executive Council,  Nov 6, 1707.

Thos. Robison sues for return of an indentured servant that was to serve him "for five Yeares to learne the trade and Mistery of a Carpenter and House joiner".  "Upon the motion of Thos. Robison by Edward Moseley his Attorney".....  “The said Scott had been bound to learne the trade and Mistery of a Carpenter and house Joiner..."   "It is ordered by this board that the said Scott doe returne to his said Master againe..."
Colonial Records of NC, NC Higher Court Minutes, 1713.

Thos. Robison conveyed 400 acres of land by Capt. Richard Sanderson.  "Lyeing in Little River".    NC Higher Court Minutes, 1713 (Apr?)

15 lbs for 200 ac. James Blount sale to Samuel Woodard, on ss Chowan River, Blunt's Spring Branch.  Wit: John Roberson, John Thackrary.
Registered in Chowan precinct, Aug, 1716.   Bertie County Deed Book A, 1720-1725.

The Everard Riot in Edenton in 1728.  Robert Robinson was listed as oneof those indicted for being involved.  This is an interesting story!Info from the original papers on file among the Court Records ofAlbemarle County, in the Court House in Edenton, NC

William Powell and his wife Mary, to Robert  Robinson.  240 acres onRockyhock Branch.  April 18, 1734.  Test, Geo. Allen, T. Holladay.NC Historical and Genealogical Register, pg. 112.

William Powell to John Robinson.  100 acres, part of a patent grantedAlexander Camrill, Mar 9, 1717/18, bought by Richard Slavin and givensaid Powell; Oct 8,1734. Test, William Perry, Constance Luten,Will Tiner. NC Historical and Genealogical Register, pg. 110.

“Dec. 4, 1742: William Kennedy of Tyrrell County, for 200 pounds sold to Francis  Roberson 320 acres on north side of mouth prong of Flat Swamp.   John Anderson, Francis Kennedy, and Edward Ward, witnesses.”   This from Martin County History, Vol I, by Manning and Booker.  In addressing another land transaction, Manning & Booker state that it was “located about three miles southeast of Robersonville, on the north side of Flat Swamp”.   Several other transactions mention “north side of Flat Swamp” in the Manning & Booker Volume as well. 

Selected events through 1790

Roanoke Island Settlement Abandoned - Called the "Lost Colony". 

Jamestown in VA. established as 1st permanent English Settlement in America.

26 December. Pilgrims land at Plymouth, Mass.

Approx. year first settlers from Va. arrived in Northeastern NC.

Nathaniel Batts, the 1st known permanent white settler in NC, has a house at the western end of Albemarle Sound along Salmon Creek. Less than 25 miles from Smithwick Creek area.

NC Population in Albemarle area is 4,000

A Smithwick receives land patents for a total of 500 acres on/near creek system south of Roanoke River which will eventually be named for him/his family.

NC Population is 10,720

Bath is incorporated, the first town in Colony of NC (12 houses & 60 people).

NC Population is 15,120 (900 are Negros)
An additional 5,000 Indians were dwelling in the coastal region
in at least 15 "towns". 80% are members of the Tuscarora tribe.

Tuscarora Indian war thru 1715. Many settlers leave NC.

Town on Queen Anne's Creek (Edenton) Established.
By 1730s it had 60 houses and was the most populous town in the Colony.

NC Population is 35,000 (6,000 are Negros).

William Robinson granted 100 acres from Ed. Smithwick in Martin Co. on "ss Morrattuck River" (now the Roanoke). Relation to Henry Robinson is unknown.

First known recorded event involving Henry Robinson in NC: He sold 100 acres on Plumtree Branch (Bertie Co. - north of Roanoke River?) to Thomas Knox.

British Crown opens Land Office in NC.

Approx. 3,600 people in Martin Co. (using today's boundry)

Henry Robinson granted a Land Patent from British Crown Land Office 400 acres on East side of Smithwick Creek (present day Martin Co.)

Northern half of NC granted to Earl of Granville: no more land is issued   under authority of the Crown in Northern NC.

First known recorded event regarding Henry Robinson Jr (b. abt 1710): He bought 75 acres including a house & outbuildings from Higgeson King on Smithwick Creek.
Granville Land Office opens - closes in 1763.

Henry Robinson buys 300 acres from Charles Hardison, who rec'd land as Granville Grant.

NC Population is 100,000

Henry Robinson serves as a Private in the Continental Line NC
during the Revolutionary War. Listed in the Daughters of the  American Revolution Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, pg 2487.
Specific dates of service and action seen is unknown.

7 Oct. British Defeated at Kings Mountain, NC by the "Over-Mountain" men. 2 Dec. Appointed by George Washington, Nathanael Greene arrives in Charlotte to command the Southern Army.

17 Jan. British are defeated again, this time at Cowpens. Over 1,000 British are killed, wounded, or captured. The British never recover from this defeat.      15 Mar. The British suffer again at Guilford Court House.
Greene proceeds to punish the British in engagements throughout SC as Cornwallis rests up in Wilmington. Cornwallis then turns his sights on Virginia, marching through eastern NC and terrorizing the countryside. 
18 Oct. Greatly weakened after getting kicked around for an entire year   in NC, Cornwallis is defeated at Yorktown.

Henry Roberson (b.1747) buys/records land south of Robersonville in Tranters Creek/Turkey Creek area.

After serving in the Continental Line, war veteran Henry (b.1747) begins to raise a family. At 38 years old Henry becomes a Dad. His children 
are at least the 4th generation of Robersons in North Carolina and the Revolutionary War has only recently ended!

Henry Robinson Jr. (b. 1710) writes his Will. The Will was proved in Open Court in March 1794.. Specific date of his death is unknown.

NC population reaches 394,000, of these, 100,000 are slaves . Population grew rapidly during the last half of 1700s. Total Population of 6,080 in Martin Co.,  1,900 of these are slaves.

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